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Who is Tony Esteves?
  Tony Esteves, founder of  iOnTheBall, is an inspirational facilitator and coach who infuses the spirit of play into his presentations. Audience members are actively engaged and learn through juggling, playing miniPing-Pong or improvisational theatre exercises. Tony believes that we learn most effectively while using a whole brain approach by physically playing together. Why wouldn't you want to have fun while learning?
Get in touch with your creativity!
Could your team be more effective? Do you have the talent, but constantly feel or hear that there's just not enough time to do what needs to get done? Or do you need to find a way to inspire your peers, but don't know where to start? With some guidance and new ideas, Tony Esteves can get you on-track. An energetic, insightful and entertaining performer and presenter, Tony's unique workshops entertain, educate and inspire. Here's what people are saying...    
Thinking of quitting your job? Let's connect.
If you have found yourself contemplating a serious career change but have been too consumed with fear to make the leap, then Tony can help. Through the use of creativity, visual imagery, and play-based coaching methods, people come to their own conclusions about how best to manage such a huge change in their lives. The fear slips away and the excitement sets in. If you are thinking about making a change then speak to a change expert. That's Tony Esteves.



iOnTheBall is dedicated to helping organizations use INNOVATION & CREATIVITY to develop ideas and solve problems. You will find a strong passion and focus on the human connection here.
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Thank you for taking a few moments to scroll through this digital version of me, Tony Esteves. I promise to make it worth your while.

Using Creativity, I provide evocative solutions and tactics for people and organizations to better connect, more effectively network and communicate to get the results that they want.


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I believe in the power of something I call, “The Power of Unexpected Connections”. I define these connections as those serendipitous encounters that have shaped all of our lives. The job you got from a friend in a field that you were not trained for; the new best friend who you met at an event; or a romantic partner who came into your life by chance.

These connections have happened to all of us and having traveled extensively, I consider myself a connections expert. I understand how people connect and why it’s becoming more and more difficult now for people to do so.

As an international keynote speaker and presenter, I explain the power of these Unexpected Connections by sharing some of my international anecdotes to inspire people to take their faces out of their “smart”phones and tablets and to actually start talking to one another other again!

I’m Tony Esteves and I believe that learning is most effective when it is highly interactive as well as entertaining. This naturally leads to play. Here is a place where you can learn to amplify your creative abilities.

Why not give yourself permission to play while you learn?

With iOnTheBall, participants enjoy a playful two-way learning experience through actually playing Ping-Pong, doing Improv, learning to juggle, or using visual imagery to find excellent solutions. In this environment, participants connect with their inner child, their unconscious mind and their teammates, which makes them more open to learning the valuable lessons and having more meaningful conversations.

With I On The Ball, your learning experience will be entertaining, insightful and long-lasting.  Isn’t that what you’d like your team of leaders to come out of the next conference or event with?

Practical take-aways that stick.

Please explore to find offerings that will transform your next event into the highlight of the year. If my material resonates with you, please pop your email address and hobby into the boxes up to the top right. I send out about 2 notices per month with content around creativity, and leading an inspired life.

 Tony’s clients include:

  • The Springboks – National Rugby Team of South Africa
  • Yokogawa Electric Canada
  • Shell Canada
  • YWCA Calgary
  • Junior Chamber International Calgary
  • CTE Investments (PTY) Ltd South Africa
  • Elevated Learning Academy
  • ConcoPhillips Canada
  • Calgary Winter Club
  • Town of Canmore
  • Wickenheiser Female World Hockey Festival 2014, 2015
  • Centennial College Centre For Entrepreneurship
  • Society of Educational Resource Groups
  • Enbridge
  • Fallsview Casino
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Marche Restaurants
  • National Job Expo
  • Speakers Think Tank
  • The Glass & Architectural Metals Association (GAMA)
  • Project Management Institute Southern Alberta Chapter
  • Briggs Kitchen & Bar
  • Rockyview General Hospital

“Some people inspire others, just because of who they are. That’s Tony Esteves. His energy is exceptional and he is a true professional who loves life and delivers a powerful message. I recommend Tony as a speaker and teacher who will share practical skills while inspiring and enchanting his audience.”

Dr. Lance Secretan
Founder & CEO, The Secretan Centre Inc.

Some Work and Play in South Africa

Rugby Training

Tony delivers a training to the Springbok 7s Rugby Team in South Africa. Click on the photo to view the video.

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